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About Grange & Walter

In 1947, a French mechanic and wood merchant, Paul Grange, and a German, whose father was a spring manufacturer before the war, Karl Walter, founded the company Grange & Walter in a small workshop at Cormontreuil (by Reims)

Old picture of Mr Grange

In the fifties and sixties, the company profited by the strong demand for springs, most particularly from spinning mills in Northern France, and from lighter and hitch manufacturing plants.

Old picture of Mr Walter

In 1969, the company Grange & Walter decided to turn to agriculture, which was in its full phase of mechanization, and started to manufacture springs for farming machines, such as hay-rake, pick-up, seeder tines, etc.

In 1976, the company moved to St-Brice-Courcelles, still by Reims, as its former premises had become too small.

In 1994, the company settled in new premises at Reims to further modernize its production tool so that the development of its markets, notably at export, could be properly addressed.

Stock in Grange & Walters's Place

Today, Grange & Walter is still a significant manufacturer of industrial springs but also a major company in the manufacturing of agricultural tines, of which it has become a skilled specialist.